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A little pricier than other hubs, what sets HomeSeer apart is the wide range of home automation products it integrates with. Meaning that it will most likely be able to communicate with all of the products you already have. It definitely is a little techier than other hubs as well, it’s not as easy to set up. Best,Amy Hey there, I’d start with contacting the system you have to see what wireless options they’re compatible with – especially if you’re looking to keep your wired sensors but are looking to add wireless features. After that, you can start looking at adding in wireless options. If they aren’t compatible with wireless features, it might be worth looking into a different security system.

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In 1973, the reported rate of burglary fell at 110 out of every 1,000 households. Compared to the 26. 3 out of every 1,000 households reported in the United States in 2008, this is a considerable and noteworthy statistic. Various speculations have arisen behind the decline of burglary statistics since the early 70’s. However, the four measures of serious violent crime reveal interesting information. These four measures include: the total violent crime rate, the crimes reported to police, the crimes recorded by police, and the arrests for violent crime. When these significant measurements are compared over the past four decades, they point to increased arrests for criminal behavior and an increase in the amount of crimes recorded by the police. Ironically, as the amount of crimes recorded by police have increased, the number of victimization’s reported to police have declined. Burglary is not included in the ‘serious violent crime’ category, which includes homicide, rape, robbery, and assault. Property crime rates have declined for decades. Are the increase in arrest rate and decrease in crimes reported to blame for this decline?According to recent reports, the United States has a prison population larger than those in Russia and China.

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